Collaboration to bring quality education to the border of Indonesia remote area

Edelweiss School as one of the leading National Primary Educational which has had excellencies in the program, ICT Infrastructure, Quality Education Management System based on ISO21001:2018, welcomes to collaborate and develop partnership in the following areas.

  1. School Operation Management, where Edelweiss School operates and manages day to day operation of; learning processes, building management, and administrative function which include but not limited to; student administration, finance and accounting, reporting, customer service, ICT, database management, etc. The school infra structure belongs to the Partners/school owner.
  2. Providing advisory and assistance to help the education institution to manage.
    • Conduct school management assessment and provide improvement recommendation
    • Perform school transformation Management in entering Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0
    • Implement MS-Teams for education to manage learning activities/processes
    • Implement international curriculum “Pearson-Edexcel”
    • Implement Quality Educational Management System based on ISO21001:2018
  1. Manage Distance Learning for those who stay in the remote areas and a new developed residence surrounding the Indonesian National Vital Project such as Oil & Gas Filed, Mining Area, Power Plant, and other Strategic Projects.
  2. Manage Learning Center (PKBM) to provide extracurricular, and courses for students in the areas.
    • Languages
    • Social Media Management
    • IT & Technology
    • Music & Arts
    • Management

To know more detail on the partnership cooperation, please contact us through available communication channels.