"A" Accredited by National Accreditation Body

Edelweiss School provides Elementary Education including

Play Group, Kindergarten, Primary School and Edelweiss Learning Center which consist variety of courses such as Language, Media Social Management, IT & Technology, Music & Arts, and Management. Edelweiss School implements LMS platform based on digital technology and collaborate with prominent system providers. To ensure the sustainability of education quality, Edelweiss School has implemented Educational Management System based on ISO 21001:2018.

Edelweiss School attracts young energy experienced and skilled educators with at least possesses Bachelor of Education degree. Educators are encouraged to proactively improve their competencies by participating in the training, seminar, workshop, and project assignment provided by the Foundation or by their own initiatives.


Edelweiss is currently carrying out initiatives to strengthen the management of school activities by implementing a quality management system that refers to the Quality Management System for Educational Institutions, namely ISO 21001:2018.

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Edelweiss School offers counseling service conducted by professional psychologists to accommodate students facing any types of difficulties in their studies, and we will do our best to find a suitable solution

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Edelweiss offers a high-speed internet connection backed by the best Indonesian network provider to support our learning processes as well as our administrative functions



Educators at Edelweiss School possess educational bachelor degrees from various majors with more than 5 years of teaching experience. Edelweiss facilitates teachers to take part in further educational trainings both internally or otherwise, while encourages teachers to increase their competency through scholarships provided by Edelweiss.

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