Edelweiss School

Edelweiss School is positioned as National Plus School where its applies international curriculum, and it has been certified with Grade A Accreditation. Edelweiss School is determined to guide Indonesian children to become smart and well-mannered to be able to compete nationally as well as globally with respect to the Indonesia universal and positive values.


As an advanced national school, Edelweiss applies International Curriculum. This curriculum implementation provides additional benefits for the students to enrich their knowledge and gain competitive advantages provided dual degrees where the students enable to proceed with their education in Indonesia as well as in overseas.

Accreditation "A"

Edelweiss has Grade A accreditation level from the National Accreditation Body BAN-SM for all its formal education levels (Pre-School, Kindergarten, and Elementary) and is licensed to implement and perform final examinations based on Pearson-Edexcel UK.

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