Sinar Putih Edelweiss Foundation

The objective of Foundation aims to engage in educational sector both formal and non-formal (Edelweiss Learning Centre / PKBM) to contribute in developing better nations education. In addition to that, the Foundation is also involved in social programs which includes philanthropies activities.

Sinar Putih Edelweiss Foundation was established on March 29th 2005 dedicated

to provide an elementary education and Community Learning Centre in order to nurture and develop Indonesian human resources to be more advanced and patriotic with global awareness. In order to fulfill that purpose, Sinar Putih Edelweiss Foundation holds elementary education under an educational department named Edelweiss School.

The Foundation Committee :

Chairman of Supervisory Board      : Hani Pramono

Deputy of Supervisory Board           : Wahyu Jatiningsih

Chief of Controlling Board               : Bambang Wahyudi

Member of Controlling Board          : Rika Harjosuwarno

Chairman of Committee                   : Juarsa

Secretary                                            : Medina Marpaung

Deputy Secretary                              : Tri Yuliastuti

Treasury                                             : Nena Huriazakwan

School Principal                               : Miske Ferlani

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